Installation Guide

Service Dependencies

The following dependencies will need to be installed on the OS:

Node dependencies

Once you have a NodeJS environment installed install the following dependencies globally using the npm install -g <dependency> command:

Install the ReDBox Portal

  1. Checkou the ReDBox Portal to your location of choice (e.g. /opt/redbox-portal)
Example :
git clone -b dev_build ""
  1. Create a ecosytem.json file for PM2 as below. See the configuration guide guide for information on how to configure the env section.
Example :
  "apps" : [{
    // Application #1
    "name"        : "rbportal",
    "script"      : "app.js",
    "args"        : [],
    "watch"       : true,
    "node_args"   : "",
    "merge_logs"  : true,
    "cwd"         : "/opt/redbox-portal/",
    "env": {
      "NODE_ENV": "development",
      "redboxApiKey": ""
  1. Copy your configuration changes over the installation. See the configuration guide
  2. Setup PM2 run on init (depending on your distro) e.g pm2 startup systemd
  3. Start the application
Example :
pm2 start ecosystem.json
  1. Save the PM2 configuration
Example :
pm2 save

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