Installation Guide

Service Dependencies

The following dependencies will need to be installed on the OS:

Node dependencies

Once you have a NodeJS environment installed install the following dependencies globally using the npm install -g <dependency> command:

Install the ReDBox Portal

  1. Checkou the ReDBox Portal to your location of choice (e.g. /opt/redbox-portal)
git clone -b dev_build ""
  1. Create a ecosytem.json file for PM2 as below. See the configuration guide guide for information on how to configure the env section.
  "apps" : [{
    // Application #1
    "name"        : "rbportal",
    "script"      : "app.js",
    "args"        : [],
    "watch"       : true,
    "node_args"   : "",
    "merge_logs"  : true,
    "cwd"         : "/opt/redbox-portal/",
    "env": {
      "NODE_ENV": "development",
      "redboxApiKey": ""
  1. Copy your configuration changes over the installation. See the configuration guide
  2. Setup PM2 run on init (depending on your distro) e.g pm2 startup systemd
  3. Start the application
pm2 start ecosystem.json
  1. Save the PM2 configuration
pm2 save

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